Welcome to KABRITA USA, a company founded by two Mompreneurs and a Dutch Dairy dedicated to making nourishment and education a part of every family’s nutrition journey.

Though KABRITA celebrated it's first birthday in July 2015, our story started over 10 years ago with the births of a little boy and a little girl, who inspired their moms with so much love and resilience, that they were moved to start a company and help other families and children in need a few years later.

Though social media may give us the impression that every family is perfect, the reality is often quite different. New babies don't care much about how they look on Instagram (or how much you sleep, eat or wash your hair) and pretty soon most parents are consumed by parenthood – the good and the unexpected.

For Naturopathic Doctor Kate Morrison, not being able to breastfeed her son James was a shock, and his subsequent sensitivity to the organic cow milk formula she painstakingly sourced made their family’s situation even more challenging.  Kate knew goat milk would be a good solution for James’ symptoms but goat milk formula didn't exist. She made her own, James got better, and her mission to bring a goat milk formula to North American children like hers was born.

In 2009 Kate was introduced to Carolyn Ansley a business executive with a background in infant nutrition, whose daughter Bryn was born prematurely just a few months before Kate's son James. Though Carolyn had more than enough milk to nurse her daughter, Bryn hadn't yet developed the reflexes necessary to feed.

Carolyn pumped and supplemented with formula for Bryn's tube feed and felt grateful for the knowledge and confidence she felt about this temporary feeding solution, as a direct result of her prior work experience.

Shortly after their first meeting the idea of developing a much-needed and unique product, supported by unparalleled nutrition education was born.  In 2013 Kate and Carolyn joined forces with Hyproca Nutrition, a Dutch Dairy with over 70 years of infant nutrition expertise to make KABRITA USA a reality.

KABRITA Gentle Goat Milk Foods is now available in thousands of retail outlets and online throughout the United States.

Carolyn Ansley is CEO of KABRITA USA, and Kate Morrison is Senior Project Manger for Hyproca Nutrition globally.  Both are dedicated to bringing unique product innovation, and nutrition education to families around the world.

Meet Kate and Carolyn