Why Goat Milk?

In addition to being the most commonly consumed milk globally, goat milk offers a whole host of benefits – particularly for children.


Naturally easy to digest protein

Goat milk proteins are smaller than cow milk proteins and form a softer curd, similar to breast milk, when digested. As a result goat milk moves through the body at about the same rate as breast milk, resulting in less digestive discomfort sometimes caused by the 'churn' of breaking down larger proteins.

May reduce colic, eczema, constipation and more

Minimizing digestive churn has other significant benefits. A healthy digestive system prevents the development of other symptoms commonly associated with cow milk sensitivity. When the digestive system has been challenged too often it can lead to a condition referred to as 'leaky gut syndrome'.

Leaky gut, as the name suggests, is caused by damage to the gut lining which creates tiny openings that allow proteins that would normally be digested and used for energy to pass into the blood stream, often stimulating an allergy or sensitivity. Choosing goat milk may help prevent leaky gut from occurring, and the symptoms such as colic, eczema and constipation that often accompany it.

Until around six months of age babies have immature digestive systems - or naturally leaky guts.

Goat milk fat is also easy to digest

Goat milk fat is smaller than cow milk fat and contains twice as many easier to digest short-chain fatty acids compared to cow milk. The smaller size of the fat contributes to the gentle digestive process and the prevention of leaky gut. In the US, infant and toddler formula is required to replace animal fat with vegetable fat. KABRITA Toddler Formula is the only formula in the US using OPO fat, an adapted fat blend patterned after breast milk. OPO is proven to contribute to ease of digestion and better nutrient absorption. KABRITA Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit contains full-fat goat milk.

Tastes great

KABRITA's unique, high-quality goat milk has a mild, sweet and fresh taste. KABRITA goat milk is produced in The Netherlands, one of the leading producers of goat milk globally, and locally at America's first non-GMO goat milk dairy farm. Both farms follow strict guidelines that prohibit the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and exposure to pesticides. KABRITA milk tastes delicious and all KABRITA products are kid-approved!

Though fresh goat milk has wonderful benefits, like cow milk it is not appropriate for children under 12 months of age. Learn more about how nutritional composition varies between cow milk alternatives by clicking on the nutrition facts tab here.

KABRITA USA's mission is to provide the highest standard of goat milk nourishment to children, while inspiring parents and health care professionals with expert nutrition education.

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