5 Benefits of Kabrita’s premium OPO fat blend

Fats are an essential component of formula and are crucial for normal growth and development. They are particularly important for cell membrane, eye, brain and immune system development. KABRITA is the only formula in North America with OPO fat, a unique fat blend patterned after the fat found in breastmilk.

Why do we add OPO fats?

About 20-25% of the fat in breast milk is palmitic acid, which supports key functions in fat and mineral absorption, and intestinal function, and 70% of this exists in the OPO form.

The OPO fat blend used in KABRITA Goat Milk Toddler Formula is a unique blend of vegetable fats specifically designed to mimic the percentage of palmitic acid and fatty acid chains in the the same formation as found in breast milk. This is a fundamental difference from other formulas on the American market today.


Because OPO fat blends match the fat composition in of breast milk, they have five main benefits for children:

15% more calcium absorption

OPO fat blends promote greater absorption of minerals, including calcium. When palmitic acid is arranged in the first and third position, like we see in standard POP fat blends, the palmitic acid can detach from the POP triglyceride and form a bond with calcium. The new palmitic acid-calcium group (called a calcium soap) gets excreted from the body – taking the calcium your child needs with it.

In the OPO formation, the palmitic acid stays attached to the backbone and cannot couple with calcium. This means more calcium gets absorbed into the body.

Research has shown children fed formula with OPO fat blends absorbed 16% more calcium than children fed formula with a conventional POP fat blend. Studies have also shown the effect of OPO fat structure on calcium absorption to positively impact bone development.


40% less constipation

As explained above, OPO fat blends improve calcium absorption because they do not create calcium soaps. The creation of calcium soaps can lead to harder stools and constipation. One study showed that constipation in children was corrected 90% of the time when fed OPO formula compared to 50% of the time when fed formula with conventional fat blends.

Promotes healthy gut microflora

Fatty acids also fuel gut microflora (the healthy bacteria that live in the digestive tract). These bacteria are important for children for many reasons: not only are they crucial in promoting healthy digestion, they regulate the development of the immune system, protect against infection, modulate inflammatory responses and synthesize certain vitamins, such as vitamin K. One study shows that children fed formula with OPO fat blends and breastfed children had higher amounts of healthy microflora compared to those fed formula with a traditional fat blend.

Decreases colic and gas

OPO fat blends have also been shown in studies to significantly decrease colic and gas in children. Several studies have reported a positive association between intake of high-OPO formulas and behavior. Results have shown that children receiving high OPO formula had a significant decrease in crying episodes. In one study, the crying behavior of children fed a formula containing the OPO fat blend was comparable to that of the breastfed group.

12% better essential fat absorption

Fats are crucial for normal growth and development, and particularly important for cell membrane, eye, brain, and immune system development. However, the way different fats are structured impacts how they are absorbed by the small intestine.

Studies have shown that palmitic acid is most absorbable when in the middle position on the backbone (like we see in OPO fats): 91% of palmitic acid is absorbed from OPO fat blends compared to 79% from typical fat blends.

Less constipation, a healthy digestive track and better fat and calcium absorption make OPO fat blends an excellent choice for your child.

KABRITA USA’s mission is to provide the highest standard of goat milk nourishment to children, while inspiring parents and health care professionals with expert nutrition education.

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